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The company “Fattorie Novella Sentieri” produces a high-quality national pork with firm, compact and tasty meat, raised according to the rules of production of Parma Ham.

The entire production cycle is handled directly in the company in all its phases, with particular attention to the choice of the genetic lines selected for the production of quality meat, to the production of fodder carried out with high-quality cereals, mainly coming directly from the cultivation of land ownership. The piglets born in the farm are breeded in the early stages of lactation, weaning and fattening carefully following the rules that ensure the animal welfare.

The modern environment, high standards of health and hygiene and biosecurity, feed production that meets the nutritional needs at every stage of growth, the choice of suitable breeds and the right age to slaughter enable the production of “ripe” meat with a proper lean-fat ratio, rich in flavor, ideal for the production of typical salumi.